How Resilient Am I?

Hi, Amrita Rose here from An Unstoppable Life. 

I'm so glad you're here. 

The Resilience Toolkit® is a course I built for YOU!

It's about learning how to up-level and build your resilience every day. Simple tools, simple steps, and a very, very practical workbook, so that you can learn exactly how to build your resilience. 

Take the free quiz then pop back over here for the whole course.

So what does building resilience actually mean? 

Building resilience means that you face every challenge in your life, knowing that you have ways to move through them. 

Sometimes those can feel challenging. Sometimes they might feel exciting. Sometimes they might just feel a little frustrating. But when you know that you are capable of picking yourself back up and facing whatever challenges are in front of you, there's this immense sense of freedom that you feel. And that sense of freedom and confidence is really what being resilient is all about. 

Wholehearted resilience is when you involve your whole self. You're involving not only your mind, but your heart, and you're involving your intellect through exercises and practices that will help you reconnect to the core of who you are, and the core of your own courage and capabilities. 

If you've done some resilience work in the past, great, and know that there is always another level of resilience that we can build, there's no way to top it out. 

If you don't feel particularly courageous or resilient, this course is a great place to start! 

Moving from that place of feeling really grounded, and centred, is where you really start to build your confidence and resilience. Moving through practical exercises that allow you to practice resilience every single day. 

This is a very practical course and a very positive one that will help you change your perspective, build resilience, feel more freedom and more confidence in how you show up for yourself, for those around you and for your whole life. 

When you build resilience, you're really building a sense of confidence and freedom. You're also building a sense of feeling grounded in your own power and who you are- your authenticity. 

This course offers tools and practices that you can use every day, for the rest of your life to keep increasing your resilience. 

I hope you enjoy it.



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Find out how resilient you are today and what you can do to increase your personal resilience.

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Heck Yes! I Want To Be More Resilient!

You can become more resilient than you are today!

Resilient people know deep in their hearts that they can weather and grow from the storms that life brings.

The real question is... where are you now, and where do you want to be?

Find out here! Take the FREE quiz!

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