Look at you! Already saying YES to: courage, adventure, playing big, faith in yourself, and creating a life you LOVE..

Welcome to your first step in living An Unstoppable Life. That means reconnecting with who you are, waaay deep down at your core. It means leaning into your heart, bringing forth your passion and recognizing your strengths & your uniqueness.

Feeling unstoppable is resilience at it's peak. It's where you align yourself with your own values and understand that growth and adventure go hand in hand.

If you are here then you've already taken a big step towards feeling unstoppable in life.

The Unstoppable Life Clubhouse resources and programs are here to help you say NO to: playing small, doubting your ability, trying to do too many things at once, and losing your focus and motivation.

Whatever you choose to dive into first, you'll be saying YES to: feeling motivated, clear on your goals, more aligned with your core values and ready to take action to create the kind of life, or career that you truly desire.

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Inside The Unstoppable Life Clubhouse, you'll get access to:

  • Courses to help you realign your career and life with your core values. Whether you love your life and the work you do now or are ready to make a big change, you'll have a clear path to take. (With new resources and courses added all the time!)
  • Interviews and stories from other "freedom fighters" will inspire you to live fully into who you are and what you love.
  • Programs to help you understand and move past old habits that have held you hostage in life.
  • Classes in reading The Akashic Records, and resources to support you.
  • A TON of resources including guided meditations, worksheets, fun quizzes and useful assessments to keep you moving forward, building resilience and stepping into your Unstoppable Life, and laughing a whole lot along the way!

The Unstoppable Life Clubhouse. Currently accepting new members, check out the options below.

Available Products

Resilience Toolkit

The Resilience Toolkit® is designed to boost your resilience through simple, guided practices and a workbook to help you create real change.

Free, Fun & Useful Resources


I try to update it regularly with all sorts of useful info, recommendations and goodies so check back regularly.

💖 🎶 Harmony and Love Mini-class

💖 🎶 Harmony and Love Mini-class has resources to help you release shame from your system and to view your partner, yourself, and your relationship with curiosity.  Learn how you can shift from shame & blame to curiosity & passion for a happier dynamic in your romance, marriage, and all your relationships.

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